How we can support you as an Employer

Our Employee Wellness Programme (EHWP)

  • Reduces stress and its negative consequences, e.g., mistakes, accidents, burnout, long-term illnesses, presenteeism (physically, but not mentally present) in your business early on

  • Reduces the risk of incidents with accompanying serious effects for your business and your employees

  • Trauma Debriefing and Crisis Management

  • Reduces your costs and increases the productivity of your workforce

  • Immediately realises Return-On-Investment (ROI)

  • Shows appreciation towards your employees

  • Delivers valuable information about the state of your employees by way of informative usage reports

  • Shows you, through analysis of indicators and trends, possible needs for action to improve working conditions, productivity, and the well-being of your employees.

  • Promotes your attractiveness and your image as an employer

  • Brings direct relief for those responsible for your personnel

  • Improves the care of employees

  • Offers management support through Managerial Consultancy

  • EHWPs are recommended by the WHO

  • Offers Coaching Support for management and employees

How we can support your Employees

Our Employee Health and Wellness
Programme (EHWP) offers your employees

  • Immediate, professional support in all burdensome life situations – around the clock and free of charge

  • Anonymous and confidential access to service that lowers the resistance to seek early, immediate and self-directed support

  • Concrete and targeted solutions that contribute to re-establishing health, performance and well-being

  • The possibility to work on a topic in 1-8 face to face counseling sessions (sessions for couples also possible)

  • No long waiting times for a personal face-to-face session thanks to short- term appointments (usually within 2 – 3 working days)

  • Specialists for complex problematic situations (degreed psychologists, attorneys, social workers)

  • Support in local language

  • Important appreciation by you as the employer

  • Compliance with all statutory data protection requirements through SQS- tested procedures

  • Similarly comprehensive use of the services by people in the same household

  • Direct access to telephone or LiveChat counselling via the ICAS App for smartphones

Our services

Our Employee Health and Wellness Programme (EHWP) assists employees with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.

Their aim is to increase or maintain the productivity of a company by supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of its employees. Our programmes have been specifically developed to provide support and guidance to employees to help them deal with issues that can adversely affect their health, wellbeing, and impact on their job performance. Our EHWPs will enhance your reputation as an attractive and caring employee.


We have been developing and implementing EHWPs since 2009 and use our extensive experience and international backing to deliver the full spectrum of employee wellness services to all industry sectors. These include banking and other financial organisations, mining companies, and parastatal companies, among others

We understand local culture and regional variations. Whatever the country, the issue or challenge, our services will meet the needs of a diverse population and are relevant and appropriate to the gender, cultural, religious, and linguistic requirements of every employee and their family. All our psychologists and mental health professionals are locally based.

ICAS works closely with your business to understand its needs. We then provide solutions and services that are adapted to your businesses’ budget and unique requirements.


Confidentiality is key to success of the EHWP. We follow strict guidelines on ethics and data protection. Your employees can be reassured that they will remain anonymous whilst dealing with us. We report on utilisation and the most common employee issues. This is useful for helping employers design their wellbeing programmes to improve working conditions and environments, reduce stress, and improve employee satisfaction. We do not provide information on individual cases.

Our ability to create a service that has our client at the heart of it has seen employee lives positively supported and transformed for the better. We are confident the services we provide are effective, supportive and valuable, significantly improving your workplace.

Data protection

ICAS is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We are fully compliant with data protection regulation including Global Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR). In addition, our counselors are all subject to professional secrecy. This is how we guarantee the legal conformity of our EAP.