Dr Onalethata Johnson (PharmD)

Dr Onalethata Johnson (PharmD) is the Managing Director of ICAS Botswana. She provides strategic leadership and guidance to ICAS Botswana, a company that provides people-focused workplace health and wellbeing solutions and services to various organisations. A key driver for ICAS is to support corporates and organisations develop an organizational culture consisting of teams and individuals who are happier and more effective, which in turn reduces down time and increases the organisation’s profitability.

“I am driven to see employee health and wellness established as a business imperative clearly linked to business performance and the bottom line” she says. “Our services include consulting and providing strategic guidance to organisations/corporates in the area of workplace wellness, behaviour risk management and productivity.”

Onalethata has a wealth of knowledge and experience in health, wellbeing, and business. As Programmes Director she designed, implemented, and led the monitoring and evaluation of result-oriented employee wellness programmes for various organisations. She has also worked at Debswana Mining Company where she led a successful, world leading Debswana HIV/AIDS Impact Management programme, providing strategic interventions, as well as relevant policies and procedures towards minimizing the impact of HIV and AIDS on the company. She developed the programme into a full employee wellness programme that has supported the Debswana employee proposition.