Ms Dudu Morobe

As a member of the ICAS Botswana Management Team and the ICAS Head of Account Management and Client Relations, Dudu leads the team responsible for providing a coordinating point of contact for ICAS customers. At ICAS Botswana we ‘support organisations to develop a positive organisational culture consisting of teams and individuals who are happier and more effective, which in turn minimises unnecessary down time and increases the organisation’s profitability’. Dudu supports this mission by ensuring and promoting Account Management excellence in all areas of Employee Health and Wellness Programme (EHWP) service delivery.  She is also responsible for ensuring optimum business retention by managing existing customer relationships through delivery of a high service standard, full utilisation of the EHWP and effective marketing and consulting of the programme to each customer. Her portfolio also means she handles client complaints and maintains customer satisfaction with the service at all times.

Dudu is qualified in the areas of Counselling and Psychology. She has extensive experience, from her previous and current role, in facilitating group interventions, including Change Management, Psycho-education Trainings, Health and Wellbeing Seminars/Talks/Workshops, Conflict Mediation, Team Building Sessions and Group Counselling.

Ms Morobe’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology and a  Master of Social Health (Psychology).