Specific training is provided to specific relevant groups within the organisation over a duration of 1 – 2 days depending on the type of training;

Wellness Champion Training (2 Days): The objective of this 2-day training is to establish a network of trained “Wellness Champions”. The training is designed to empower “Wellness Champions” in the workplace as they are central to the success of any programme.

Wellness Committee Capacity Development Training (1 Day):  This highly informative training programme builds capacity among the Wellness Committees and Custodians, with the view to empower them with requisite skills to develop a framework for and run a successful, result-oriented employee wellness programme.

GRIT Training (1 Day): The ICAS GRIT training is designed to help employees harness their inner strength and gain the ability to bounce back and respond to workplace challenges, changes and setbacks with pliability. Employees will be assisted to develop resilience and sharpen their ability to cope with the various challenges of their workplace.