Vonile Tladi

The Head of Clinical and Business Operations at Icas Botswana, is responsible for overseeing the employee assistance programme (psycho-social support) offered by Icas Botswana as well as the management of the daily operations of the company. Her role at ICAS Botswana involves ensuring timely delivery of quality therapy services to clients including telephonic counselling, face to face counselling, trauma debrief and virtual counselling. She is also responsible for developing and facilitating training programmes / workshops on behalf of the Company for its clients. Vonile, a registered clinical psychologist under the Botswana Health Professionals Council, was the Vice-Chairperson of the Botswana Association of Psychologists (BAPsy} from 2010 to 2013 and now sits as a member. She received her degrees at Roosevelt University in Chicago Illinois and Towson University in Baltimore Maryland, all in the United States of America and has been trained in a range of therapeutic modalities, as well as a rape crisis counsellor. Her experience includes working with a whole array of demographics, including adults, adolescents and groups, psychiatric inpatients, substance abusers, trauma, and victims of gender-based violence, as well as the LGBTI community. She has interest in sports and has been the Team Botswana psychologists on may occasions since 2014. Vonile has worked as a therapist in the USA and as a Rape Counsellor for Women Against Rape, a non-profit organization based in Maun Botswana. With over 10 years management experience working in the public health system, where she headed both Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital and Princess Marina Hospital Clinical Psychology Department, Vonile is well placed to be part of the management and leadership team at ICAS Botswana. Her contribution to the development of hospital’s staff wellness programme, coordinating the Covid-19 Staff Support services, and coordinating all activities for psychologists in the Ministry of Health and Wellness further attest to the richness of her experience.